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Bracken Hall Countryside Centre, Glen Road, Baildon, West Yorkshire, BD17 5EA, ENGLAND

Skylark near Hawes

Took this picture a few days ago up on the tops between Hawes and Buckden and just had to share! The sound of the skylark is my favourite summer sound and luckily we have some closer to home - up on Baildon Moor!

Monday 25-06-18 Recent pictures from Bracken Hall

A view of the garden and the moon overhead!

Sunday 01-07-18 Trip to Watendlath, Lake District

Went to the NT facility at Watendlath today, near Derwent Water. The road to Watendlath is superb and makes just driving there an adventure! Temperature above Watendlath was around 33°C and very little wind made walking conditions quite difficult. Dock Tarn was a real treat and there were dragonflies whizzing around everywhere!

Saturday 04-08-18 Buttefly Walk from Bracken Hall

Susan Stead led a small group along the glen looking for butterflies. Picture below shows the group homing in on a Purple hairstreak!

Wednesday 05-09-18 Kettlewell and Starbotton

I was up around Kettlewell area on Wednesday and spotted this lovely little creature snuffling around the edge of a path!

Monday 12-11-18, Baildon Bank

Happy Autumn!